Dappio Instruction
What is Dappio Wonderland?
Team Dappio is building Solana Wonderland, a one-stop yield aggregation solution for DeFi and GameFi. We believe that the next generation of yield aggregator should be vertical agnostic across categories, harnessing network diversity to produce a robust product. Our aim is to aggregate all of the yields in Solana’s ecosystem, including farming, lending, borrowing, and staking. For peace of mind, users can compare APY and interest rates on all other major Solana projects before participating.
Chapter#1 of Solana Wonderland begins with recognizing the power of DeFi. We plan on giving that power back to the community.
The rapid proliferation of DeFi products and protocols has produced an ecosystem that new DeFi users may find confusing and intimidating. Our platform clears up that confusion with features such as a one-click farming tool. This tool is designed to increase capital efficiency while reducing human error and saving time.
Our platform also features a customized lending/borrowing strategy, designed to help our users to manage risk and maximize yields. We also offer an institutional-grade dashboard to help users track their portfolio performance over time.
Chapter#2 of Solana Wonderland; we will implement a one-stop solution dashboard for top GameFi projects that are available on Solana. Our users will have access to games and gaming assets on any blockchain from a single user dashboard. In addition, we will enable gaming asset (NFT) staking to allow gamers to earn yield. Another cool feature is that we plan to gamify the user experience. Programs like our Daily task / Weekly mission will attract traffic and grow the user base of our integrated GameFi projects.
To learn more please visit our website https://dappio.xyz/ or join our community as below:
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